Board of Directors

Betsy Liebenow-  President

 Jennifer Kittridge-Vice President

Amy Midas- Secretary

Holly Mink- Treasurer

Sarah Gimbel-Director

Brian Liebenow-Director

Kevin Davis-Director





Volunteer Committee Heads

Events Coordinator.........................................Betsy Liebenow

Newsletter Editor............................................Sarah Gimbel

Chinese Language School Coordinator....Sarah Gimbel

Membership Directory Coordinator..........Eileen Pont Briant

Database Coordinator ..................................Holly Mink

Website Coordinator......................................Holly Mink

Ex Officio...........................................................Jennifer Friedman



This list describes what we do, how we get some things done and who does them. The intent is that this list be used to help figure out who to go to when needing to do something. It’s not to be construed as a prescriptive or rigid set of job descriptions-we don’t need them. This should be a dynamic document, and change as we change what we do to reflect the evolving needs of our member families.


Board Members
Oversee direction of FCC-ET finances and activities
- Review/approve budgets for FCC-ET events or expenses
- Review and, as appropriate, develop appropriate policies to support FCC-ET objectives
- Provide active leadership through demonstrable contributions in other volunteer activities.
- Participate in the four (4) annual Board meetings
- Support member volunteer efforts


  • Chairs scheduled Board of Directors Meetings.

  • Chairs Annual Meeting (1st board meeting of year), when directors are elected and/or re-appointed.

  • Prepare the agenda for each Board meeting with input from all Directors and will execute all documents authorized by the Board.

  • Liaison with FCC-ET attorney on legal matters and inquires.

  • Develops relationships between FCC-ET and community organizations.

  • Outreach to other FCC chapters.

  • Supports member volunteer efforts.

  • Leads board’s efforts to recruit volunteers and fill vacant positions.


Vice President

  • Assist the Chair in the overall supervision of the Corporation and its business.

  • The vice-president will be the president elect and will also be the secondary signature on the back account.

  • The vice president will perform other duties a may be assigned by the President which may be include but not limited to, overseeing and coordinating committee activity.



  • Maintains archive of official correspondence and records

  • Maintains copies of the current Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws;

  • Documents board meeting considerations and decisions (maintain and distribute minutes)

  • Distributes notices and official correspondence to board members when appropriate



  • Maintains adequate and correct accounts of FCC-ET properties and transactions

  • Manages credit account and cash flow (deposits, check requests, accounts payable)

  • Receives and deposits membership checks, forwards membership information to database manager and new member coordinator.

  • Prepares financial reports for Board Meetings

  • Prepares Annual IRS form for account to file Form 990 (date due?)


Newsletter Editor

Produces FCC-ET newsletter.

Volunteer Coordinator N/A at this time

Keeps a list of volunteers and contacts them when help is needed with events.

Data Base Coordinator

  • Maintains integrity of Database.

  • Receives new member data and enters into the database regularly.

  • Updates database records with renewal information and data changes (i.e., new contact detail, new family members, corrections, etc.

  • Takes reasonable precautions for database security (i.e., adequate backup, appropriate safeguards against unauthorized duplication.

  • Produces labels for periodic mailings, (i.e.: newsletters, events bulletins, special mailings, renewal and reminder letters, regional mailings, etc.)

  • Coordinates production of annual directory with directory coordinator.

Events Coordinator

Coordinates and organized large events. (i.e., Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, Family picnic, etc.).

Playgroup Coordinator (all members)

Coordinates to get families together in your area for a chance to interact with other families.

Website Coordinator

Maintains and updates website event listings and contact list.

Yahoo Group Moderator

  • Maintain Yahoo Group with assistance from second person.

  • Approve application requests. Members must be parents of children from China or pre-adoptive parents. New members are moderated for first few messages to ensure they are posting acceptable messages. No advertising or derogatory messages are allowed.

  • Moderator is responsible for ensuring messages following FCCET guidelines.

  • Moderator to have membership in ChinaAdoptionModerator yahoo group as well.

Directory Coordinator

Develop and publish an annual membership directory.

School Coordinator: Chinese School Liaison Children’s School Duties

1. In April of each year, Contact Connie Chen @ Bread of Life Christian Church. Current classes are offered Sunday afternoons and follows the Knox County Schools calendar.)
2. Send notice about classes via yahoo groups to ask for interested students. Also send notice to webmaster for posting on FCC ET website. List the following:
a. Child must be 3 by August to attend school.
b. Cost of classes and payment method
c. Dates/times of classes
d. Location of school
e. Information about how classes work (fun while learning, learning via games and songs)
3. Contact school to let them know projected number of students.
4. Request full registration by end of July. Payment total and method is to be agreed upon by school, but typically we ask for full semester payment prior to school starting. (Currently, classes are $5/class.) Any materials required for the class are provided by teacher. Teacher to let liaison know how much those cost. Information required:
a. Name of Student
b. Name of Parents
c. Home phone number, home address, email address
d. Age and Birth date of Student
e. Number of years student has had Chinese lessons
f. Class Time preference (Currently we offer Sunday afternoon 1:30 and 2:30 class times)
5. Payments are sent to FCC ET Treasurer,
6. Provide list of students to school so classes can be finalized.

Chinese School Liaison Adults’ School Duties

1. Adult Class, refer to Connie Chen

Not Available at this time: Culture Camp Coordinator
• Organize a committee to help with Culture Camp and schedule first meeting for spring.
• Set a date for CC in the fall in consultation with Connie Chen of the Knoxville Chinese Church.
• Set a schedule for CC based on the previous year’s schedule.
• At the first meeting, determine a theme (currently Chinese History) and topics for each of the three “sessions.” Appoint volunteers to coordinate each session, including a coordinator for the pre-school group (which stays in their own group rather than attending the other sessions). Discuss budget requirements for each aspect of camp. Provide helpful information to session coordinators if possible and facilitate communication about types of activities offered in each session.
• Find volunteers to coordinate: lunch, snacks, games, registration, and adult track (if one is to be offered).
• Communicate with Connie Chen concerning sessions on Chinese culture such as dance, songs, and Tai Chi.
• If advance registration information is desired, send out an e-mail call for pre-registration information.
• Update the registration form with the latest dates and fees, and send it to the newsletter coordinator for inclusion in the late-spring newsletter.
• Provide a description of CC to be included with the form.
• Receive registration forms from Treasurer and input information into database.
• Assign students (campers) to groups and names to each group.
• Organize parents to fulfill volunteer needs, based on registration form information. E-mail parents to inform them of their assignments.
• Decide contents of “goody bags” to be provided to campers and order the items, or find volunteer to handle that..
• Prepare craft and welcome speech for the beginning of CC, or find volunteer to handle those.
• Schedule follow-up committee meetings as needed, probably in June and August.
• Follow up with coordinators to make sure that everyone has what they need to fulfill their part of CC.
• Prepare group lists, volunteer lists, and other information needed for the day of camp.
• Purchase “thank-you” gifts for volunteers who are not FCC-ET parents, for example, Connie Chen and others teaching Tai Chi, calligraphy, or other aspects of Chinese culture.