Welcome 2018! We're still here, but . . .


As we welcome a new year, there are new challenges, new decisions to be made and new journeys to share!

Our wonderful FCC East Tennessee family is one of the few lucky FCC groups that are still active. Many around the Country have dissolved within the last few years due to dwindling members which clearly has led to the inability for them to continue as a group. We too have seen our numbers dropping, both in memberships and in the amount of families that take advantage of our planned gatherings.

Due to the present situation, for the 2018 year, the FCC Board has decided to lower its membership dues from $30 to $10.  Our decision is based on our desire to remove any finical barriers that families may have, and to hopefully perk the interest of some of you that have drifted away. In order for our organization to continue running we need active members. This is why it really is so important for you to renew your membership and make an effort to attend some of the events we hold year round. The support of the members is the only hope we have to keep our small, but amazing, group running. At the rate of our current decline in members and participation we are not sure how much longer we will be able to keep going as a group.

So this is our plea to you, our present and past members, to please consider the importance of this group for you, for your children and for this community!  The FCC of East TN will be holding its Annual Meeting on Chinese New Year. During this meeting we will have a discussion to help determine the future of our group. We want you to be a part of this discussion, so please plan to attend and be ready to give us your opinion or suggestions.


Please click on either tab to renew your membership either by mail or online